Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gooey : Does your cords keep breaking? Well with Gooey your cords will never break again!

The Problem

Cord breaking

The Solution

How many cords have you bought for your phones, laptops and headsets? I think everyone has at least gone thru 3 new cords in their lifetime because we do not really treat cords with caution. We charge anywhere and the cords get twisted and mishandled. Cords seem to always break because of their weak outside material.
Well, the Gooey is kind of like a gel/play doe material where you can wrap it around the cord ends to secure it and then you can form it into any shape that you want and it magically hardens to maintain its security. It can also be used for repair. Once you see the cord start to have ridges or start making little holes and you see the wires inside, you definitely need to cover it because it can cause electric shocks and no one wants that. You can use it to cover any area of the cord or where ever it is needed. Maybe it can be in neon colors so it can add a fun quirky style to your simple cord.
Gooey will make your cords last a lifetime and this can definitely save you a lot of time, energy, and money.


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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Food and Fitness update

Did the grocery for the whole week I spent pretty much around 2000 pesos which is equivalent to around 46 dollars. Let alone I pretty much used up everything in 1 and a half week. I cut the chicken breast into two halves and cut up the dory into 3 pieces so it lasted me a while.

This is my lunch and dinner and it was less than 1200 calories

Lemon pepper chicken breast with mixed vaggies and brown rice for lunch
Banana and strawberry yogurt for snack
Dory and asaragus for dinner to keep it light

I cooked everything in the oven so no oils needed :)

I also run 9 rounds at the sports complex every week

weight started 165

weigh in 161 pounds

lost 4 pounds so far

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