Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sorry Not Sorry

I love having Mimi around. Even if I'm studying/ doing homework I like having her there even if she's making a ruckus. I totally learned how to tune out sometimes. I miss her when she's away. When I'm away from her I just want to be with her and when I'm with her I have to be busy doing school related activities. I feel like I can't give her all my attention because of school. But I'm doing this for us, for our future. That is why weekends are so important to me to be with her to really play with her and I hate how she has to be taken away in those times. I only have 2-3 hours to play with my daughter everyday (of course excluding sleeping/studying/school hours) and it's not enough. It's never enough. If I can take her to school I would, but sadly I can't. Some people don't understand my situation and try to push their way. Sorry not sorry for being selfish of my daughter.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Mommy Blog: Potty Training

I have been trying to potty train Mimi for 3 weeks now and so proud to say that she can do it! well I guess were in step 2. The step where she has a routine to go to the bathroom every morning and night and she actually says poopoo when she has to go. her poopoo usually means pee pee, but that's a start. She also still wears a diaper at night. She doesn't know yet how to pull up her shorts or pants.
Everytime she says "Mama, Poo poo!" I get excited and run her to the bathroom. This is a whole new stage. She still wears a diaper when we go out because we don't want any accidents in public.

Dees ayone have any potty training tips to share? I would love it :)

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