Friday, February 27, 2015

Nursing in the Philippines.

So I'm on my 3rd year Nursing course here in the Philippines. I'm finally more than half way. I love that they have a hands-on program here where we the students get to really act as nurses. We get to really take care of our patients. When we are in Operating Room duty we are there a long with the doctors and nurses operating on the patients. We hand doctors tools needed to operate and witness step by step techniques on how to remove something, connect a bone, and suture. It is awesome! In the ward setting we are given at least 2 patients each and we are given a day to study their drugs and are questioned by our clinical instructors or our nursing staff before it is given to the patient. We change linens, take vitals signs, take urine samples, have therapeutic conversations with out patients, check and regulate their IVs, and try to help them anyway possible. When we are in the Delivery room we get to witness life being born. It is amazing, really bloody, but amazing. We also take care of the babies by injecting them, weighing, checking their height and head circumference, and bathing them. The schools in the Philippines are a lot cheaper compared to nursing school in America. I know a lot of people already taking up nursing in America and are already in debt from school tuitions. I'm glad I went to the Philippines because once I go back to America, take the NCLEX and work my first pay check will go straight to my pocket. Also in America students cant touch patients at all. They have to practice on dummies for all procedures. Its 4 years of my life away from my family, but sacrifices have to be made for our future. Philippines also has great tourist spots. So many tropical island and sweets. Also I can't believe this is my 100 posts already woohooo!!!!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Car for the safety of my family. Please Help.

Hello my name is Van. I am a 23 year old single mommy who moved to the Philippine islands to go to school and because of the low cost living. I am raising my 2 year old daughter alone. It would be great to have help from other single moms or other people.

I usually take a jeep for means of transportation. Local transportation is the cheapest way of travel in the Philippines. I have to take 2 jeeps going home and 2 jeep going to school. 

Yesterday I experienced something horrible. I was walking towards the Jeep terminal and there was a brown car parked in the side of the road. I didnt really notice it until it started following me and there was a 50 year old man inside the car and was then asking me something. Then I was saying  like "huh" because I couldnt really hear him.. and then started walking away faster. I then looked inside the car and the guy was stroking his penis while following me. It was disgusting. At this point I started running.... And the guy drove away. fast. I looked at the car and tried to get the plate number, but it was blurred out... It was disgusting...

Now I am too scared to ride the jeeps or even take taxis. 

What I am scared about most is that my 2 year old daughter and her guardian takes the jeep when going to her school. 

I never want anything like this to happen to them. 
I need a car for the safety of my family.

This is why I would like to ask for help from my family and friends and to those who experienced something like this. 

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced.

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