Monday, October 27, 2014

Tops at Cebu, Philippines

I finally had a chance to visit Tops! Tops is a place in cebu where you can see all the lights of Cebu City at night time. You can even see stars. It's such a nice place to go when you are getting tired of the hustlin and bustlin of the city. If you wanted to Taxi there from Lahug it would cost around 300. And if you wanted to habalhabal/ride a motorcycle it would cost depending on the driver around 80-120 person each. There is also a 100 peso fee when you enter. There are only a few tourists there when we visited. It's walkway is pretty dark so its nice to have a little flashlight or just turn the flashlight on your phone. The view is amazing though. You can sit on the edge without getting scared because if you fall theres trees below that would hopefully catch you. haha. There are also telescopes if you wanted to look closer. This place would be nice for a date. One of my friends got asked to be a girlfriend here and that's pretty sweet.

There were red lights just blinking in the sky.... UFO's? or just some really high antennas? Dunno, but I wish it was a UFO.

You can also eat and drink there. I didn't know you could do that so we ate before we went there.
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

United Nation's Day Miss Nepal!

Mimi dressed as a Nepalese Girl because she is half Nepalese. I wished I knew more about her culture. I still wish to one day travel where half of her roots came from, but now now, not for a while. Maybe when we have time in a few years or when she can grasp and understand and take in her culture. When I was a little girl we travelled a lot, but I never really bothered with it. I didn't appreciate it. I would love to travel back to the places where I have been before.

She danced, listened, payed attention, and laughed the whole time. I love this little girl and I was soooo proud of her. That was one of the happiest most joyful events I have ever been. I felt like my heart was going to explode from all the happiness and butterflies coming out.

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