Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Car for the safety of my family. Please Help.

Hello my name is Van. I am a 23 year old single mommy who moved to the Philippine islands to go to school and because of the low cost living. I am raising my 2 year old daughter alone. It would be great to have help from other single moms or other people.

I usually take a jeep for means of transportation. Local transportation is the cheapest way of travel in the Philippines. I have to take 2 jeeps going home and 2 jeep going to school. 

Yesterday I experienced something horrible. I was walking towards the Jeep terminal and there was a brown car parked in the side of the road. I didnt really notice it until it started following me and there was a 50 year old man inside the car and was then asking me something. Then I was saying  like "huh" because I couldnt really hear him.. and then started walking away faster. I then looked inside the car and the guy was stroking his penis while following me. It was disgusting. At this point I started running.... And the guy drove away. fast. I looked at the car and tried to get the plate number, but it was blurred out... It was disgusting...

Now I am too scared to ride the jeeps or even take taxis. 

What I am scared about most is that my 2 year old daughter and her guardian takes the jeep when going to her school. 

I never want anything like this to happen to them. 
I need a car for the safety of my family.

This is why I would like to ask for help from my family and friends and to those who experienced something like this. 

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sinulog 2015

Sinulog never fails to excite me. Sinulog is held every 3rd week of January to praise the Sto Nino. It is a big celebration in Cebu. Churches are overly packed and there are floats of Sto Nino in every barangay. There is so much traffic going toward Fuente Osmena because that's where the parade starts. We usually just take a jeep going towards Funete Osmena and get off when it starts to be really traffic and start walking. There are a lot of street vendors selling hats, masks, and food. 

The Paint wars just started last year. So get those white shirts that you never use. Cut them up and GO! We were on the sides with our paint ready to spread the love. haha though I felt bad for some foreigners who I guess didn't read the info about the paint wars and wore some nice shirts walking around. RIP expensive dressy shirts.  After a while I started looking like the hulk cause all the paint mixed and I looked kind of greenish haha o well it was really fun. Also do not bring anything valuable because you will only get it stolen, dirtied, or it will break. Some people have paint/beer water guns and someone shot someones DSLRs lens and well I hope that it didn't break.

 People also had beer or had some hard drinks and would just give shots to everyone. So friendly. It was so overly packed that there were also stampedes. There are some parts that are definitely not safe for children. 

There are also bands in every corner. Seriously. You face to the right and there's a DJ playing some reggae songs and you face to the left there's a DJ playing some remixed overly played songs. It's crazy. Everyone was just overly intoxicated. 

Well till next year  Sinulog

Thank you to my Samsung s5 for the pics haha
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