Saturday, September 20, 2014


I miss my family so much. I woke up today a little sad because I had a very good dream spending time with my family. Mimi playing with her cousins. Seeing my parents laughing with my Aunties and Uncles. My grandma eating some corn. And me just sitting there and watching all these little things happen. Their small things, but the feelings are there. I'm so happy to have a family so close with one another. I'm truly the luckiest. Today is also my cousins birthday. I miss her. I actually wanna hear her say " I'm 2 years older than you hahaha"...

 I bought mimi a teddy bear her size. I can't wait for her to see it. I bought it so when I'm not there she has a little bear to hug <3
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Kawasan Falls GUIDE Cebu, Philippines

My little family went on a mini vacation in the south. We went to Kawasan Falls at Badian. We left around 7am. First we went to the south bus terminal and asked the conductors where would Kawasan Falls be and they happily point to the right bus since many tourist ask the same question. We then waited for other passengers to fill the bus. The weather was awesome it was breezy and cold. I didn't feel sticky at all. We also lathered sunblock on our face and body for uv protection. I particularly use Nivea since it doesn't make me sticky. Everyone needs to watch this video about protection from the harmful rays of the sun. I seriously wear sunblock everyday now.(Sunblock video) We just chatted to pass time and after about an hour and a half we stopped in another terminal. We are now half way from Badian. In the terminal you can use the comfort rooms with a 5p charge and many vendors would go on the bus and sell some chicharon (pork grinds), peanuts, water, eggs, and other native goods. After around 20 minutes the bus was again moving. We also passed MoalBoal with is a place in Cebu where there are a lot of nice white sand beaches. Totally making it my next vacation spot. We then finally reached our destination after another hour and a half. The trip was about 3 hours more or less. So now we get there and there is another trail to go to the falls. A long dirt pathway. We walked for about 45 minutes in the sides of the rivers and into trees. We heard a lot of animals around the place like crickets and other insects and I swear I saw grass moved and there has to be something lurking in those plants. I wouldn't dare look lol. There was also a bridge there made from the spanish era connecting a pathway to the water energy source?. We walked a little further and we finally see the falls. The water was blue, so fresh and so clean. It was so cold It took me a while to dip my whole body in. Mimi had a blast. We brought her floaties and she was floating all around. She was so cold, but didn't want to go out of the water. Our food finally came and we ordered Pork Sinigang and rice. yeah that is it. It costed around 430p. After  eating we rested and swam again. It was a mighty fine day. This is a destination every tourist needs to go to. We left around 6pm and waited for a bus going back to cebu. We were so tired we got home at 1130pm.

Money well spent
bus from south terminal to Badian - (non aircon)126p for adults and small children are free
entrance fee - 10p
table - 300p
raft - 300p
food - 430 for pork sinigang and rice well that pretty much depends on you, but you can definitely bring food and there is no corkage fee.

We spend more or less 2000p for the whole day.....

The Bus Ride
The Walk
The Spanish Bridge 
Carrying her on my shoulders was the fastest way to get there.
The Water Energy place
After 30-45 minutes of walking we finally see the falls.
Some brave souls
There were a lot of people this time around
The water was super cold, but it doesn't stop this little one.
Hehe its not that deep in this area.

Tired baby ZzZzZz

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